Prophet_IIAfter 12 solo albums, and almost as many with the band Green on Red, singer-songwriter Chuck Prophet’s career reached a higher plateau with his 2012 release “Temple Beautiful,” a witty and pride-filled homage to his hometown of San Francisco. ReNew Music editor Jim Fusilli checked in by phone with Prophet, who was in Nashville.

RNM:  What’s been going on since you released “Temple Beautiful”?

A:  We crisscrossed the country a couple of times, three times, and played Europe. We’ll go anywhere anybody will have us. After a year and half, we played a show in San Francisco at the Great American Music Hall, performing the album from top to bottom with a string octet. We filmed it.

RNM:  You’re still happy with the record?

A:  I’m happy with the songs, yeah. They’re still living and breathing. For me, I still enjoy singing them. There’s no crystal ball when you write a song: I can’t know in advance if I’ll still enjoy singing it a few years later. The thing about “Temple Beautiful” was it wasn’t a record about me. The challenge of the singer-songwriter is to avoid those kinds of songs. You know, ‘Chuck did this, Chuck went there. Chuck’s coffee’s getting cold.’ This time I got to talk to people about something else.

RNM:  Have you been writing? Thinking about the next record?

A:  I’m recording a new album at this very moment in Nashville. It’s much of the same cast of characters from the last album. Brad Jones is producing again. Paul Kolderie, who worked on a few Radiohead albums, is helping us improve the sonics. Peter Buck came in to play and bring some jangle to it. It’s a kind of a dystopian-themed record. I look around at my hometown and the world and try to imagine where it’s going to be 20 or 30 years from now. If I can get this thing to behave, we’re looking at a fall release and we’ve got some dates booked already in the U.K. Of course, I’m going to need things to go my way. It’s hard to get a record to behave. Nowadays I feel like I’m getting the hang of it. I’m still just chasing the buzz.

RNM:  The bus?

A:  No, the buzz. Though as an opening act, I have chased the headliner’s bus in a little van to find where we were going.

RNM:  What are your plans for the summer?

A:  We’ll be doing shows with orchestras. (See for dates.) We’ll be using local players. We’ve got great charts. We may lose a few bucks, but I told my manager we’ll make it up with mercy.